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What to Pack in Your First Aid Kit

Travel enriches us by exposing us to new experiences and cultures in far flung parts of the world. However, it can also potentially expose us to insect bites, allergic reactions and upset tummies from eating unfamiliar food. 

Having the right items in your travel first aid kit will equip you to handle any medical emergencies that you may encounter. Here is a list of what to pack in your first aid kit. 

What Factors will determine the Contents of Your First Aid Kit?

  • Destination – Will there be medical facilities and pharmacies within easy reach?
  • Pre-existing conditions – Do you or any members of your party have medical conditions such as heart disease, or diabetes. Those with pre-existing conditions need to carry along their prescription medication in the original containers with the labels intact.
  • What activities will you engage in – for example, if a boat trip is scheduled; you may need to carry along anti-nausea medication. If you are going mountain climbing, medication to counteract altitude sickness will be required.
  • Length of stay – if you will only be away for a few days, only limited supplies are necessary.

Plasters and Bandages

It is advisable to carry along different sizes of plasters so that you can dress different sizes of cuts and wounds. Plasters also come in useful for covering blisters that pop-up as a result of a shoes rubbing against the feet during a long walk.


A supply of gauze is invaluable as it has multiple uses, such as arresting bleeding, and applying pressure to a wound.

Antiseptic Wipes

These are needed for the purpose of disinfecting surfaces, wounds, tweezers and other equipment. Antiseptic wipes kill germs and prevent wounds from getting infected.

Antihistamine Cream

It is not unusual to suffer insect bites in the course of a journey which can result in itchy, irritated skin.  When you apply an antihistamine cream it is soothing, in addition to which it stops the swelling.

Painkillers such as Ibuprofen, or Aspirin

The discomfort of a headache can dampen your spirits and disrupt your program; hence it is important to have a stock of painkillers for headaches, fever and other pains.

Medication for the Stomach and Miscellaneous Items

It is good to carry along anti-diarrhea medication and antacid to address stomach ailments. Other Items that may come in useful include tweezers to remove splinters, thermometers, insect repellant, cough and cold medication.

A properly stocked first aid kit will help you deal with minor ailments that do not need the attention of a doctor and may save you unnecessary expenses.

Central Park, New York Travel Guide

Central Park is perhaps the most popular park in the USA. Central Park was first opened to the public in 1858. It runs from 59th Street to 110th. It has 9,000 benches, 58 miles of pedestrian paths, and has 42 million visitors a year. In order to plan that perfect day, here are top things you can do in Central Park.


This place is a bit tricky to find, but it is worth discovering. The Blockhouse was built to defend New York City during the War of 1812, now you actually can’t get inside. This is a really impressive structure to look at. It is the oldest building left standing in Central Park and the only remaining fortification from the War of 1812. So if you are a history buff, start that perfect day in Central Park right here.

Charles A. Dana Discovery Center

Manhattan might be the last place on earth you would expect to be able to fish legally but that’s exactly what you can do in Central Park. Stop by the Charles A. Dana Discovery Center on the northern part of Central Park. Pick up a fishing pole for free and they also give you a little bait. You can’t even cast with the fishing pole but you can just drop the hook in. One of the rules is you can’t keep any of the fish you catch. Also, you have to watch out for turtles and any wildlife just to be safe about it. This is something that’s really relaxing and not exactly the type of thing you would expect to do on a trip to Central Park.

Conservatory Garden

Some of the best parts of Central Park are at the north and the Conservatory Garden is an absolute gem. It actually has a lot of foundations based on European gardening. There’s a section that’s English, Italian, and French. Roam around and look at the amazing fountains. There are lots of really cool viewpoints and just tons of flowers and nature all around you. This is the kind of spot you could just come to escape the city and relax for a while.

Huddlestone Arch

This is one of the most scenic arches to take a photo or a video of? As you walk through the ravine area of the park, you can see it is held up by uncut boulders. It’s been here since 1866 and just a quick stop for you to make on that perfect day in Central Park.


The 3,000-year-old Egyptian Obelisk is located directly behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Cleopatra’s Needle was erected here in 1881 and it had 3 different locations before it even set foot in New York City. This thing is awesome, just staring at it you can see ancient Hieroglyphs. They even have the translations of the Hieroglyphs if you get close enough to the Obelisk. It has such a neat and unique history. In fact, it is the oldest public monument in all of New York City.

Sail the park

For just $12, you get to rent a little model sailboat. They give you the controls and you take it away. Just wait for a windy moment and watch your boat soar around the little manmade lake. It is a lot of fun and you also get a lot of attention, everyone keeps stopping and taking photos. This is such a cool activity do in the park especially if you have kids.

Alice in Wonderland Statue

The Alice in Wonderland statue was commissioned by Philanthropist George DeLaCourt in honor of his late wife who loved reading Alice in Wonderland to her children. They made this sculpture so that all the children of New York and whoever is visiting could come and play here. They have all the characters from Alice in Wonderland like Alice, the MadHatters, and the little cat hanging out in the background. This is another super cool spot to bring kids or just take some really cool photos.

Minton Tiles

Something that many people overlook when they come to the central park is the Minton Tiles on the ceiling of the Bethesda terrace arcade. Usually, you are just going to walk through and not really pay attention. When you walk inside the arcade, you will see a tiled ceiling with over 15,000 colorful patterned tiles from England’s famous Minton Tile company. These were actually originally used on the floors of European Cathedrals but here you see them on the ceiling.

Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields is the most famous Landmark in Central Park. This 2.5 acre manicured section Of Central Park is dedicated to the late Beatle, John Lennon who was murdered right

Cayman Travel Guide

Located in the Western Caribbean Sea just 400 miles south of Miami lay the Cayman Islands. These three islands are known around the world for both their natural beauty and financial importance. But what really makes the Cayman standout is their quiet charm and warm hospitality.

Grand Cayman is the largest of the islands and its capital Georgetown has an abundance of shops and restaurants. Each day the locals are more than happy to offer a huge variety of their souvenirs to the scores of docking tourists. But the key to understanding what the kingdoms are all about is to explore the rest of what the islands have to offer.

A few miles north of Georgetown, you will find Seven Mile Beach which is often considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This tranquil coast is ideal for playing, relaxing, and even snorkeling from shore. It’s here that Grand Cayman has the greatest concentration of resorts and hotels.

For a slightly quieter beach, take a trip to Rum Point on the north side of the island where Lazydays line on the sand is stretched out in a hammock are all that is on the agenda. With plenty of things to do and see, Grand Cayman is certainly not a place to be bored. Spend your afternoon feeding stingrays in Stingray City, get up close and personal with some young turtles at Boson Beach, learn about the endangered Blue Iguana at the botanical garden, or take an island hike on the unspoiled mastic trail.

If you want to escape the crowds and commercialism of Grand Cayman, take a trip to one of the sister islands where you will find a vast world of natural beauty both above and below water. The steep limestone bluff that rises steadily along the coast is Cayman Brac’s most notable feature. Get an exhilarating view from the beach or take a walk along the lighthouse trail running atop its high edge.

Just west of Cayman Brac is Little Cayman. At only one mile wide, this sliver of land is known for its world-class diving. Three Fathom Wall on the northwest side has a vertical drop off starting at 18 feet straight down to 1,000 feet, making it one of the few walls as easily accessible to both divers and snorkelers.

The island is also home to the Booby Pond Nature Reserve which protects the largest colony of red-footed boobies in the Western Hemisphere. With only 170 permanent human inhabitants, there are more Iguanas here than there are people, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

Whether it’s shopping, plane diving, or exploring, you will find more than you ever expected on these quaint Caribbean island jewels.

Cartagena, Spain Travel Guide

Cartagena is one of the oldest cities in the world. With over 3,000 years of history to its name, the city boasts an abundance of important historical sites and ancient treasures. One of Spain’s lesser-known destinations, Cartagena has been regenerated in recent years to help attract more visitors. By tastefully modernizing parts of the city including its ancient attractions, Cartagena has become a really pleasant place to explore with plenty to discover.

Housed inside a contemporary building are the remains of the ancient Punic War. Here an exhibition explains why the wall was once so important to Cartagena as it was built to defend the city back in the 3rd century BC.

Also, combining the ancient and modern is the castle of the conception which can be accessed by taking a ride in the vast panoramic elevator – a striking landmark in itself. With the castle being so high up, the views over the city and out to sea stretch for miles. Keep an eye out for the remarkable Roman theatre that laid buried beneath the city until a chance discovery in the 1980s. After years of restoration, the theatre only recently opened to the public and is now one of the city’s most impressive landmarks.


Once you have explored all of Cartagena’s ancient sites, a stroll along its pleasant promenade is a must. Stretching alongside the harbor, the promenade is where you will find the world’s first submarine which was launched here in 1888.

Whilst Cartagena is a fascinating city to explore it also provides the gateway to one of Spain’s prettiest cities, Murcia. With its bustling squares and narrow streets, this typically Spanish city is a lovely place to explore on foot. Murcia’s centerpiece is the magnificent Barak Cathedral which you will find in the heart of the Old Quarter. Located just outside the city is the sanctuary of the French center. A gorgeous whitewashed Church that overlooks Murcia from high on a hillside. Up here the setting is serene, the air is fresh, and the far-reaching views are simply stunning.

For something a little different, the world heritage site of Elche is a unique place to visit. Located just over an hour away from Cartagena, Elche is home to the largest palm tree forest in Europe. With thousands of trees, tranquil ponds, and an abundance of pretty plant life, Elche is a popular option for those who want to see a little more of scenic Spain.

Cape Town, South Africa Travel Guide

Cape Town is an incredible coastal city with everything from stunning mountains and beaches to beautiful streets that are full of life culture and music. There are so many things to explore here but one of Cape Town’s biggest benefits is the nature that surrounds it.

Table Mountain

Climb up Table Mountain for a jaw-dropping view of the city. They also have a cable car if hiking isn’t for you. Up here you can see the iconic layer of clouds that covers the mountain’s peak. This natural occurrence is known as Tablecloth. Another great hike is Lion’s Head Mountain. If you time it just right, the sun will set as you reach the peak. Just make sure you take a torch for the dark trail back down.



Bo-Kaap is a colorful neighborhood where every house features a different color – this is a photographer’s dream. You can head over here and explore on your own or locals give free walking tours where you can learn more about the neighborhood as you go.

Day Trip to the Cape of Good Hope

If you are looking for a great day trip, there’s so much to see along this route and it’s one of the most stunning drives you can experience. Take the Chapman’s peak routes, your first stop should be Hout Bay. There’s a lookout point here where you can see the entire Bay. Further down the route, you’ll reach Noordhoek beach – a huge beach with incredibly white suns. It will be super windy here but it’s definitely a good place to stop for a nice view and some great pictures.

Wine Tour Stellenbosch

For a more laid-back day out you should definitely check out Stellenbosch. It’s one of the world’s most famous wine territories, not only will you see the beautiful local vineyards but you can even book a wine tasting tour where you’ll spend the whole day sampling wines from around the region.

Kirstenbosch Gardens

If you don’t have time for a full-day trip out of the city, check out Kirstenbosch Gardens. It’s regarded as one of the best botanical gardens in the world and sits right on the slopes of Table Mountain. Walk along the overhead canopy walkway for the best experience with stunning views all around.

Kayaking With Dolphins

Another great experience you can have is kayaking with dolphins. You leave from the Victoria and Albert waterfront for this epic adventure. Whilst there’s obviously no guarantee you’ll see dolphins, the trip itself is worth it alone for the amazing views of Cape Town and the rare opportunity to kayak in the ocean which if you have never done it before is a real treat.

Open Door Helicopter Ride

If you really want to see this city at its finest, there’s no better option than a helicopter ride. Now, this is one of the pricier attractions but you can find some pretty good deals online and there’s nothing like seeing Cape Town from above with its incredible beaches, rugged mountains, and clear blue waters. You won’t be disappointed with this once-in-a-lifetime experience.