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6 Tips On How To Plan A Trip With A Big Group

There is no better way to bond with your friends than to embark on a joint adventure. Traveling with family and friends is enjoyable as you can share memorable experiences and learn more about each other.

However, first, you have to navigate the hurdles involved in planning a successful trip. Here are 6 tips on how you can plan a trip with a big group.

Draft a Budget

Everything hinges on the budget you are working with. Your budget will have a bearing on the destination you choose, and the type of accommodation you will reserve. Not everyone in the group will be able to afford high-end hotels, and similarly, hostels are not everyone’s accommodation of choice.

Consultation is important so that you can determine how much group members want to spend on the trip. Breakdown the costs in terms of air tickets, accommodation, food, and entertainment to make decision-making easier.

Establish Individual Preferences And Expectations

Everyone has their own idea about what constitutes a great holiday. Some go on holiday to relax by the poolside or at the beach. They do not consider energetic excursions suitable holiday activities. Whereas others want to visit every tourist attraction in the vicinity.

When planning a trip with a big group, find out in advance what the group members are hoping to achieve and agree on a compromise if necessary.

Decide On The Itinerary

The group can agree on the landmarks to be visited, festivals that cannot be missed, and restaurants that must be sampled. 

Thereafter, make allowances for individual excursions and offer options for those who do not wish to hike up a mountain, for example. The important thing is for each member of the group to communicate their wishes clearly.

Appoint A Leader And Helpers

A successful group will have someone to take the lead. Choose a group member who is gifted in organizational ability to take care of logistics. Your trip will run more smoothly if someone monitors the reservations for meals, transport, and other arrangements.

This will involve making reservations as well as reconfirming them prior to the activity.A group member with a head for figures can take care of the budget. Yet another one can assist in online check-in and printing boarding passes for the group.

Take Advantage of Group Rates

Most airlines consider 10 persons or more traveling together a group, therefore they offer special group fares. Sometimes these come with value-adds such as name change waivers and free changes.

These waivers can come in useful especially if a member of the group has to cancel at the last minute. You will be able to slot in a replacement. Hotels too offer perks to groups. In addition to discounted room rates, you may qualify for complimentary suite upgrades or a welcome cocktail.

Find Out Dietary Preferences and Medical Histories

To avoid inconveniencing members of the group it is good to know in advance about any food allergies or preferences. When booking meals it is important to take into consideration the vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free eaters, and others in the group.

In case there is a medical emergency, prior knowledge about serious medical or chronic illnesses will come in handy for speedy treatment.

Plan well, and you will relish the joys of traveling with friends and family. Not only does it work out cheaper to travel as a group, but you may be inspired to go out of your comfort zone and try something new.