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Top 10 of the Least Visited Countries in the World


A visit to world-famous monuments and sites such as the Great Wall of China and the Vatican is for some the realization of a dream.

However, you may find that if you go off the beaten track you can experience authenticity which is equally of value. Some of the least visited countries on earth are uniquely special. Here is a list of the top 10 of the least visited countries in the world.


The country of Tuvalu tops the list of the least visited countries in the world. Made up of 100 islands located in the Pacific, this is one of the most isolated destinations in the world. Hence, few tourists come to visit. These lovely coral islands are practically deserted; there is no tourist infrastructure or WiFi and travel is mostly by scooter. However, most inhabitants speak English and they are warm and friendly.


This Caribbean Island was the scene of the devastating eruption of the Soufriere Hills volcano in the 1990s. The capital city of Plymouth had to be abandoned. However, the northern part of the country is beautiful, lush, and intact. There are lovely beaches there, notably Rendevous Bay with its white sandy beaches.


Located in the ocean between Madagascar and Mozambique, Comoros has beautiful pale beaches and coral reefs that are great for snorkeling, however, the tourism industry has not been developed here, and it is not easy to travel between the islands. However, there are beautiful rainforests to trek through, and there is a pleasant scent in the air from the aromatic plants that are cultivated here. They have earned the islands the name ‘Perfume Isles’.


Djibouti is a French-Arabic speaking country located in the Horn of Africa. It has a sand and stone desert terrain with a narrow coastal strip that offers activities such as snorkeling and diving. The crime rate is low, however, tourism is not well developed. Djibouti city, however, is interesting in its mix of nationalities which makes it a melting pot of cultures.


This group of coral atolls is located in the Pacific. The islands are breathtakingly beautiful, comprising of lagoons that are perfect for diving and other watersports. There is also an opportunity to explore the islander’s way of life and learn about history.

Sierra Leone

The victim of civil war followed by the Ebola outbreak, this West African nation receives fewer visitors than other African countries.  Although Sierra Leon’s coastline is undeveloped, it is outstandingly beautiful. Sierra Leone has a rich history and the National parks found here are definitely worth a visit.


Hurricane Irma inflicted severe damage in Anguilla in 2016 and this caused tourist numbers to drop. However, recovery efforts are on track. Most hotels and restaurants have been rebuilt, and soon the lovely beaches and amazing marine life will be visited again.


Formerly known as East Timor, this is one of the world’s newest countries. Timor-Leste is endowed with natural beauty and abundant marine life. However, its white sandy beaches receive few visitors due to the unstable political climate.

San Marino, Italy

This is a tiny republic in central Italy, packed with charming attractions, such as the Rocca Della Guaita castle, historic churches, and palaces.


Located between Switzerland and Austria, this is a magical country. It offers winter sports, biking, mountain-hiking, and the opportunity to view beautiful castles.