first aid kit

What to Pack in Your First Aid Kit

Travel enriches us by exposing us to new experiences and cultures in far flung parts of the world. However, it can also potentially expose us to insect bites, allergic reactions and upset tummies from eating unfamiliar food. 

Having the right items in your travel first aid kit will equip you to handle any medical emergencies that you may encounter. Here is a list of what to pack in your first aid kit. 

What Factors will determine the Contents of Your First Aid Kit?

  • Destination – Will there be medical facilities and pharmacies within easy reach?
  • Pre-existing conditions – Do you or any members of your party have medical conditions such as heart disease, or diabetes. Those with pre-existing conditions need to carry along their prescription medication in the original containers with the labels intact.
  • What activities will you engage in – for example, if a boat trip is scheduled; you may need to carry along anti-nausea medication. If you are going mountain climbing, medication to counteract altitude sickness will be required.
  • Length of stay – if you will only be away for a few days, only limited supplies are necessary.

Plasters and Bandages

It is advisable to carry along different sizes of plasters so that you can dress different sizes of cuts and wounds. Plasters also come in useful for covering blisters that pop-up as a result of a shoes rubbing against the feet during a long walk.


A supply of gauze is invaluable as it has multiple uses, such as arresting bleeding, and applying pressure to a wound.

Antiseptic Wipes

These are needed for the purpose of disinfecting surfaces, wounds, tweezers and other equipment. Antiseptic wipes kill germs and prevent wounds from getting infected.

Antihistamine Cream

It is not unusual to suffer insect bites in the course of a journey which can result in itchy, irritated skin.  When you apply an antihistamine cream it is soothing, in addition to which it stops the swelling.

Painkillers such as Ibuprofen, or Aspirin

The discomfort of a headache can dampen your spirits and disrupt your program; hence it is important to have a stock of painkillers for headaches, fever and other pains.

Medication for the Stomach and Miscellaneous Items

It is good to carry along anti-diarrhea medication and antacid to address stomach ailments. Other Items that may come in useful include tweezers to remove splinters, thermometers, insect repellant, cough and cold medication.

A properly stocked first aid kit will help you deal with minor ailments that do not need the attention of a doctor and may save you unnecessary expenses.